Liam Payne's Mysterious Tweets Worry Fans: Turns Out He Was Just Wasted

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Liam Payne fired off a series of mysterious tweets that had fans a little worried about the One Direction star. Today he explained what was up--a little drinky + lack of sleep = some crazy-ass Twitter activity.

On April 20, Liam kicked things off by tweeting: "Nobody really knows me" and fans were understandably feeling a little unsure about where he was going with the ambigutweet. Was it a cry for help? Is the One Direction fame and attention getting Liam down?

He followed it up with "God bless" and a winky face. Then he posted a shadowy car selfie. Um...?

This morning, Liam cleared things up, tweeting: "Felt like tweeting but I have absolutely nothing interesting to talk about lol so ermm hi"

When a fan asked about his holiday, he responded: "tbh it was the weirdest Easter ever I didn't eat any chocolate till like night time then I randomly ended up going out, fun"

When another fan asked for an explanation for Liam's tweets the night before, he answered: "well I guess I was just thinking like nobody knows me I dunno I was a bit wasted aha"

Ah, drunken tweeting. Now we get it.

Another fan asked if he had fun last night and Liam shared, "I did but I'm sooooo tired don't think I've ever been out this much in my life"

Time to pull back Liam--you've got a big tour ahead.

UPDATE: Some accused Liam of making fun of Justin Bieber, who captioned a recent Instagram pic "Don't you know me anymore." Was Liam copying Justin? Meh.

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