This Kid Proves That Power Naps Really Do Exist

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Forget coffee, we'll take two of whatever this little girl has in her bottle. You know when you wake up from a nap feeling totally groggy and thinking that whoever came up with the 20-minute power nap idea was just playing a cruel joke on the world?

Yeah, well this kid just proved that there is such a thing as a power nap and it makes us feel like total failures for that fact that we, on the other hand, wake up with bed head and bad breath.

Obviously, this techno song is totally her jam and maybe that's what put some spring in her carseat, but if that's the case, we totally need to re-program our alarm clocks.

For the sake of comparison, check the video above to see how she feels when she wakes up...and compare that to the way the rest of us feel when we have to drag our butts out of bed.

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