You'll Never Guess Which Pop Star Is Hiding Under This Crazy Getup

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Last week, Katy Perry released the lyric video for her new single 'Birthday' and it was the traditional, fun video we're used to seeing from Katy. Lots of sweet treats and food being used in a way you never imagined--which has kind of become the pop star's signature style, especially when it comes to her concerts.

In the ACTUAL video for 'Birthday,' however, Katy mixes it up a little bit. Saying that she was inspired by Jimmy Kimmel's fake viral video where a girl caught fire during a twerk gone wrong, Katy decided to create a music video that also had viral potential.

How did she do it? She goes undercover in a series of quirky personas and goes to people's birthday parties--literally, they have no idea that Katy Perry is there--dressed up as the person. Just the teaser is hilarious, we can't imagine how funny the video itself is going to be.

Some of Katy's party personalities are:

Goldie the Dancer: An old lady who was a Las Vegas showgirl at one point and clearly isn't ready to part with the past. This one is probably our favorite because we can't believe that's Katy under those wrinkles and saggy boobs.

Yosef Shulem the MC: Does weddings, but he doesn't do funerals. Oh wait, for a price, he WILL do your funeral. Not sure if you get a discount if you book him for both.

Princess Mandee: Who has the longest Twitter name ever and sounds a lot like Paris Hilton. A lot.

Check out the trailer above and tell us who your favorite Katy character is. The full video for 'Birthday' will be released on Thursday.

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