Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra Reveal That They're Ready to Have a Baby

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When we first met Catelynn Lowell on 16 and Pregnant back in 2009, we watched as she and boyfriend Tyler Baliterra made the heartbreaking decision to place their daughter Carly up for adoption.

The couple almost immediately became a fan favorite--not only for their selfless decision to place Carly in the kind of home they could not provide for her at the time, but for the fact that they are just so dang cute together.

Watching the things Catelynn and Tyler had to go through was extremely difficult and the couple has weathered even the most severe storms together. With all that they've been through in the five years since we first met them, they've finally decided that they're ready to raise a child on their own.

In an exclusive interview with In Touch weekly, Catelynn revealed that she stopped using birth control three months ago and that they are, in fact, trying to get pregnant. "I would've felt guilty if I got pregnant again when Carly was 1 or 2. But we've both been yearning for this," she explains. "We're ready to have a baby!"

Catelynn explains that they've both grown a lot since they got pregnant with Carly and that she and Tyler have been together for 10 years and now they're finally financially stable enough to raise a child.

"I know we'll be good parents," she concluded--which we don't doubt for a second. The fan response on Twitter has actually echoed a very similar sentiment. Most people have nothing but love for Catelynn and Tyler and have shown an outpouring of support for the couple since the news broke.

In fact, some were so excited, they couldn't believe it was really true. Catelynn took to her own Twitter to clear the air. "Yes people the intouch interview that's out now is true and those are ALL my own words! #sorrynotsorry," Catelynn wrote.

We didn't see any hate whatsoever being thrown their way, so we're not sure what the #sorrynotsorry is about, but someone obviously said something that rubbed her the wrong way.

Of course, as diehard Teen Mom (and Catelynn and Tyler) fans, we can't help but wonder if this will mean they're going to do another season. Or maybe they'll even get their own spinoff since there seems to be some drama between the original cast members (ahem, Farrah Abraham). What do you guys think?

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