Did One Direction Copy 'You And I' Music Video Concept From Oh Yeah Wow Clubfeet Video?

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One Direction is under fire for stealing the concept for their "You & I" music video from a video made by Oh Yeah Wow for Clubfeet's "Everything You Wanted" last year.

Comparing the two, you can see that the 1D video's director, Ben Winston, was pretty heavily influenced by Oh Yeah Wow, borrowing some elements from about 2:45 on in "You & I."

Oh Yeah Wow took to Twitter to call out the 1D video similarities, writing on April 19: "Dear @onediretion you plagiarized our @helloclubfeet clip. It really took us a long time to make. Remember today... We're coming for you."


When Ben Winston tweeted: "Thanks for all the nice comments, & trends, about the video--so glad u like it. Huge thanks to Eileen at @envypost for the painstaking work"...Oh Yeah Wow attacked, tweeting: "@benwinston @envypost Ben, when you say painstaking work- don't you mean all the painstaking work that you built on? I mean, you plagiarized"

They added: "@benwinston @jessleal7 Ben, was it ever part of your thought process that you might be ripping off the hard work of the more creative?"

There were even tweets directed at the boyband, with one reading: "@onedirection we've watched it twice. Once to know it ripped off our creativity, twice to confirm. The internet will catch up with you :)"

And this one to Niall Horan: "@NiallOfficial going to be honest mate- it blatantly plagiarizes the technique we developed and won a j award for #badmove"

Oh Yeah Wow clarified their position, explaining "It's not about fame, it's about recognition. Thats all we want. Some answers from the band/ director would be good too :)"

They added, "We don't wanna upset any fans, we just want answers from someone. We're unsure who is to blame unfortunately"

You can read more of Oh Yeah Wow's beef with Ben and One Direction at their website--they have a lot of valid points, for sure, and if you watch the two videos, you'll see some definite copycat moments.

One Direction copied concept for You and I video

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