Harry Styles Thinks Neon Jungle's Asami Zdrenka is Hot? New Dating Rumor Is Born

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Fire up the Harry Styles dating rumors...Neon Jungle singer Asami Zdrenka could be Harry's new crush.

Asami, a huge One Direction fan, got to meet Harry at the BRIT Awards--lucky for us, she's dishing on the dreamy meetup, telling Heatworld, "He was really nice and it was really weird because obviously I'm a really big fan of One Direction but when I was talking to him I didn't feel like I was talking to Harry from One Direction."

She added, "I just thought I was talking to Harry Styles who just so happened to be in the same business as me."

Asami's bandmate, Amira McCarthy, had even more dirt, sharing, "I reckon there were sparks. He whispered in my ear that she's hot."

Wait...what? No. Harry didn't really do that, did he?

Well, bandmate Jess Plummer recalled things the same way, noting, "Yeah same. He said that she's amazing. He said 'Asami's really hot!' and I was like 'Yeah she is isn't she!'"

Okay, we're beyond jealous.

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