Amber Rose's Twerking Video Through a Woman's Eyes

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Amber Rose posted this super sexy video of herself twerking on her Instagram page today...and yeah, it's hot, we won't deny that, but we think that the way a woman watches the video is VERY different than the way a guy would.

When a woman watches the video, she will more than likely have one (or all) of the following five thoughts:

1. Oh my gosh, now THAT is a post-baby body. She doesn't even have cellulite...or saddle bags. I officially hate her.

2. Why are the tags still on her clothes? They're gonna return that shirt after the photo shoot? Who would want to buy something that someone else has twerked in? There's gotta be some sweat goin' on during that twerk-a-thon. Gross.

3. Wait, is she even wearing underwear?! Did everyone just see her butt when she dropped it down low like that? I would be so mortified.

4. I wish I could shave my head and look that hot. If I did that to my hair trying to look like that, I'd end up looking like Britney Spears circa 2007.

5. Is it the twerking that makes that shirt look so good or is it the fact that she's got such a smokin' hot body? If I wore that, I'd totally look like an old lady. When I try to just wear a shirt and be all sexy like that, I just end up feeling like this:

Meanwhile, guys watch the video and they're just like...

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