Jenelle Evans Is Still Talking to Kieffer Delp? See the Shocking Messages

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Jenelle Evans just won't let this one go, will she? Despite the fact that she and Kieffer Delp have been broken up for a LONG time now and when she talked about him on the Teen Mom 2 reunion, she made it sound like he was ancient history, that doesn't seem to be the case.

In an ironic twist of events, Jenelle has been mad at her boyfriend/baby daddy Nathan Griffith a couple of times for messaging his exes and now we see that she's been letting her fingers do some talking, too.

The shocking Facebook messages, which were obtained by RadarOnline, were reportedly sent between Jenelle and Kieffer while Nathan was behind bars earlier this month.

After bragging to Kieffer about how great Nathan is, she used a racial slur to refer to her ex...and things only got uglier from there. Some four-letter words flew back and forth (you can read the whole thing here) and then they both decided they were over it and then Kieffer suddenly became her confidante.

"Yeah but I'm pregnant...I don't want to be alone with the baby. Not again, I wanted to do things right this time," she wrote. "I have a battle with my head every single day about this whole situation...Idk wtf to do."

Yikes, that is a much different story than what she said on the show. It's also not the way she makes it sound on Twitter, at all.

Jenelle also confessed that Nathan has "hurt" her the way she did to Kieffer (hopefully they're just talking about broken hearts--although that's not exactly ideal, either) and that karma was coming back to bite her in the butt.

Then, the bombshell: "I wish he treated me like u did, that's all. Yes we had problems but it was caused cuz of drugs and making stupid choices." So, want to get back with Kieffer now?!

When the private messages were made public this morning, Jenelle did a tweet-and-delete that sort of acknowledged the situation writing, "u might have tricks up the sleeve but my sources come to me and always inform me if u r going to try to sell s**t on me."

Since deleting the tweet, the outspoken tweeter hasn't said anything else about the situation. Do you guys think Jenelle will ever be done with Kieffer...or Courtland Rogers...or Gary Head? There seems to be a pattern in her relationships. Recycling is a great thing and we're all for it, just not when it comes to ex-boyfriends.
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