Ronald McDonald Gets Modern Makeover: Are You Lovin' It?

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Did Ronald McDonald just go through a big breakup? :::Pause to do a quick Google search and make sure McRib is still being sold--OK, it is, good::: Whatever inspired it, the company's classic clown just totally overhauled his image in full-on breakup revenge style.

He's got a hot new wardrobe and a new 'do. The hue change is VERY subtle, so you've gotta look closely. This one is a touch richer than the last one, though. Our guess is that he probably feels exactly like we do when we do our hair at home and we're convinced that someone accidentally put "Fire Engine Red" in the "Light Auburn" box.

Anyway, Ronald seems to be digging his new look. He changed out that weird yellow jumpsuit for a rugby shirt, a vest and some cool cargo pants. Yeah, they're still bright yellow, but we're trying to give him the benefit of the doubt and look past that--he's got a pretty limited color palette, after all.

For "special occasions," Ronald has a schnazzy red coat that he can even dress up with a coordinating bow tie.

The new Ronald will also be snapping selfies and tweeting with the #RonaldMcDonald hashtag--in case you confuse one of his selfies for any of the other clowns you're following on Twitter.

What do you guys think of Ronald's new look: I Miss the Old Clown (even if he was a little creepy) or I'm Lovin' It?
Ronald McDonald Gets Makeover, Cargo Pants
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