One Direction Fans Mob Colombia Hotel: Niall Horan Tweets "Keep the Noise Down"

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One Direction is set to kick off the Where We Are tour today in Bogota, Colombia (watch their rehearsal video), with fans so excited it got crazy rowdy outside of their hotel last night. Even Niall Horan had to have a little word with fans about the noise--they're just trying to sleep so they can put on the best possible show, after all.

1D guitarist Dan Richards tweeted: "Wow it's crazy outside, be careful people. You need to be in one piece for the show tomorrow! :)"

Drummer Josh Devine noted the scene, writing: "I have never seen it this crazy outside a hotel ever! The madness that just happened...." Check out his video below to see what was going on at the hotel. Madness indeed.

Niall tweeted: "I honestly think this hotel is made of paper! Haha! It feels like the people outside are in my room haha! Not a chance of sleep tonight," adding, "por favor! Guys! May I ask you to keep the noise down please ! All of our crew are tired! and we have a big day tomorrow! Don't want to sound angry !"

We love that Niall, despite being tired and annoyed, is still super polite. And his tweets seemed to help, as he later wrote: "Thank you ! Much appreciated ! Big day for all tomorrow! Love you lots! Goodnight! Xxx"

Apr 24, 2014 | This is why there's going to be no sleep again tonight.. by JoshDevineDrums on

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