This New Food Will Single-Handedly Destroy Your Diet in the Most Amazing Way Possible

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Well...this isn't exactly the ideal way to usher in bikini season. Waffle, meet donut. Donut, meet waffle. Diet, meet your doom.

The diet-destroyers at Waffles Cafe in Chicago Illinois have just released the waffle donut aka the wonut. Let us take a second to introduce you to these beautiful little slices of high-calorie heaven.

They even have some with a hole in the middle, just like a donut, but who in their right mind would sacrifice even one square of such deliciousness?

OMG! There's a red velvet wonut. We want that square back! Now.

OK, you know what? Life just isn't freaking fair. Whoever invented diets is a cruel and unjust human being. And the person who invented the wonut is an absolute saboteur.

Forget the muffin top and the beer belly, we'll gladly sport a wonut waist if it means indulging in these small slices of culinary nirvana. Just please don't post the calories next to it. We'll deal with the consequences later, we just don't want it to ruin that sweet, savory moment.

(h/t E! Online)
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