This Video Will Pull on Your Heart Strings and Then Make You Feel Really Stupid

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First, you have to watch the video because this article contains major spoilers. It's only a minute, so you won't have to spend too much time being deceived by this dog.

Done watching? Now you're probably feeling just as stupid as we were. When we first started watching the video, we were wondering why in the world we had just clicked on a video of a dog that was about to get run over and we'll admit, we watched the first 30 seconds or so through the little slots between our fingers while we held our hands over our eyes.

Then, it happens...and it's kinda like 'wait, it didn't really look like she hit him, why is he laying in the street like that?' But when it comes to dogs our emotions get involved and we can't exactly think logically, so we bought the whole thing: hook, line and sinker.

If we were thinking logically, we would have wondered why the heck her friend was in the backseat AND filming them driving on a lonely road at night. We've already established, however, that the dog totally threw a wrench into the whole critical thinking thing.

When the dog finally stands up, we were like "woohoo!!!!" and then he got into the car and we're not gonna lie, we were kinda pissed when we realized we had just been full-on duped by yet another viral video ad. We were feeling so sorry for that dog and he was just manipulating our emotions, man.

Did he get you guys too or were you on to it from the start?

(h/t Reshareworthy)
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