Four Seasons Private Jet Offering Trips Around the World for a Hefty Price

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Ever wanted to travel around the world? Yeah, a lot of us do, but when we picture traveling around the world, we think of backpacking, staying in hostels and eating the cheapest food we can get our hands on. Why? Because traveling is freakin' expensive.

For the people taking these trips, however, money is clearly not an object. The Four Seasons is now offering a jet that takes passengers to up to 10 destinations such as: Seattle, Tokyo, Beijing, the Maldives and more.

The only thing is that the tickets are $119,000. There is one package that's a total steal at $69,000 except that it doesn't look as cool and obviously doesn't hit as many stops. So, what do you get for $119,000? There are two packages at that price point and they stop at 10 places each.

Hopefully that figure includes a stay at the Four Seasons in each city because the plane itself looks kinda like the first class section of a lot of other planes.

Not that it's not cool because it totally is, it's just that for that kind of much money, we'd hope there is a little extra incentive.

The packages do come with things such as a Guest Services Manager who can book spa appointments, tee times and help you pick out souvenirs (people need help with that?). They also promise five-star dining for guests and a bunch of other cool things that rich people would enjoy.

As for us, we'll stick to the more budget-friendly motels and we'll be flying coach until further notice (aka when we win the lottery). But, if you have $119,000 burning a hole in your pocket, you can fly with the Four Seasons early next year when the private jet takes flight.

Have fun, and please don't have your Guest Services Manager send us a "Wish you were here" souvenir. Trust us, we wish we were there, too...

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