Frog Gets the Last Laugh When Human Tries to Trick Him With Ant Smasher

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This guy thinks it's super funny to turn on Ant Smasher in front of his frog...and it kind of is. The frog totally thinks they're real bugs and while we don't know if we'd necessarily want frog tongue all over our own smart phone, we can certainly appreciate the cuteness of the whole thing.

The frog, on the other hand, doesn't think it's quite as funny. Either that, or he just has one of those moments where you get SO into your game that you forget what's real and what's part of the game.

You know, like when you play Plants vs. Zombies all day and then you walk outside and totally freak out because your garden is never going to protect you against the inevitable zombie invasion. Yeah, kinda like that.

Whatever was going through this frog's mind, and regardless of what his final score was on Ant Smasher, we're definitely going to give him the "W" on this one.

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