11 Stages of Choosing the Right College: We Feel Your Pre-Undergrad Pain!

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Deciding where to go to college is one of the most important decisions you'll make in your young life. Chances are, you aren't making it on your own. Your parents, teachers and friends are all up in your business about where you should spend the next four years. However, it's not up to them. It's up to you! Here's how to block out all the distractions and choose the college that's right for you.

Right now, you probably feel like this

Because everyone wants to know where you're going to school next year

Your parents want you to choose the best place to do this

When all you can think about is doing this

It's a lot of pressure

You might even have a momentary panic attack

And your parents are being almost too helpful

So here's what you have to do

Because this will be you next year

And maybe this, too

No matter where you decide to go, at least you're going to college


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