Did Justin Bieber Steal From Paramore?

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Unleash the angry, punk rock fans. Their upset because they think Justin Bieber ripped off artwork from the band Paramore.

We aren't saying he didn't...the art does look almost exactly the same. You see, it all went down when the Biebs posted a new song called "We Were Born For This" online and the single's cover art looked VERY similar the Paramore's 2007 Riot album cover.

What's even more cray is that Paramore also had a song called "Born For This" on that album. Coincidence, much?

The artwork Justin chose for his new single was actually reportedly fan art from Tumblr....and he cropped the credit out too. Compare Paramore's album cover to Bieber's single art above. Do you think he ripped the band off?

One person who doesn't seem to care about all of this is Paramore's Haylee Williams. She tweeted, "Crushing on the dude @newfoundglory practice while everyone's freakin out about JB on twitter 😌😌😌."

What do you think about Justin's new song? Chime in below.

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