Score Summer Jobs With These 9 MOST Creative Business Cards Ideas

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As summer fast approaches, we know you're in a frenzy to secure a summer internship or job. How far are you willing to go to show you can think outside the box? Do you think celebs like Dylan Sprouse and Shenae Grimes had to use these tactics to land their internships and summer jobs? We've found some super creative business cards ides to help you stand out from the pack. Get ready to grab your future employer's attention and show that you are the perfect candidate for the job.

1. Prove that you can focus on any job

2. Show that you can be GRATE!

3. Demonstrate that you are willing to bend over backwards for the position

4. When your employer's hunger strikes, they'll know who to thank

5. You know how to trim the fat in any organization

6. Exhibit your ability to work hard AND play hard

7. When you say "There for whatever and whenever," you mean it

8. You can even make calling the dentist for a cavity fun...

9. Oof, well at least you've made it separate but equal

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