Student Attempts Backflip at Graduation, Fails Miserably

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File this one under when doing the most goes wrong.

We understand that graduation is an exciting time...but this guy got a little too pumped when he hopped on stage to accept his degree from Davenport University.

According to My Fox 8, after Robert Jeffrey Blank's name was announced at the ceremony, he shook hands with university president Richard Pappas and attempted a backflip. This proved to be an extreme fail when he face planted in front of everyone instead.

To make matters worse, a loud thump could be heard as he hit the stage, as well as gasps from the audience. "I don't know...I don't know...just gonna give it a minute," the announcer could be heard saying after the awkward tumble. Luckily, Robert wasn't injured, got up and laughed the whole thing off.

Not so lucky--the university's film crew caught the whole thing on camera.
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