What Was Timeflies' Biggest Challenge on 'After Hours'?

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Are duos the new hot thing?

Rob Resnick and Cal Shapiro of Timeflies convinced us they are. We got to meet and hang with the New York and New Jersey natives when they stopped by our studio to tell us all about their debut album, After Hours. Here are 5 things you should know about them.

5: Rob and Cal crossed paths when they were just regular college kids at Tufts University in Massachusetts in 2007. "We started not as music [majors] at all. I was going to be an electrical engineer," Rob told us. "And I was between econ and psychology - then we switched to music," Cal said.

4: Okay, After Hours isn't technically their debut album since the guys put out The Scotch Tape on their own in 2011. "We didn't know if we were going to be looking for jobs so the summer after college we just messed around and put out an album to see what happened. It was no worries, no cares," Cal explained. "We were living in my stepdad's pool house in Martha's Vineyard putting that first album together, so this was a very different story. This is our debut label album."

3: "All the Way" is their first single off of After Hours. "A lot of our songs we just start by sitting down and jamming on our acoustic guitar. With 'All the Way,' we wrote it with a couple other people and it had a big feel in that chorus. This was one where we had live instruments all around."

2: They started working on the album a few years back. "This one's been a long one, I think 'Fall' was the first one and that was in December of 2012 in New York. Then the summer of 2013 we got a house in LA and we were working and it's taken us 'till now," Cal said. "The majority of the heavy lifting was done in June of this past year. We rented a studio house and didn't leave. We grilled every meal and had our crew drop off groceries and we just stayed in there," Rob added.

1: But creating the album wasn't the most difficult part for them. "I don't know if there's a single challenging process because people think, 'Oh you finish the music and it's done,' but it's never done," said Cal. "I think the challenge is letting go. Nothing is done until the release date, it doesn't stop! April 29 - we release it to the world."

You heard them, After Hours is now available on iTunes.

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