Why Selena Gomez Made Austin Mahone Cry

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Selena Gomez cleaned out her Instagram account last week and everyone from Justin Bieber to Taylor Swift are gone-zo. Justin didn't seem too phased by the diss and neither did the Jenner sisters. Austin Mahone didn't have the same reaction as them, though.

During a recent interview with Us Weekly, the Bieber-like star revealed that he he was hurt over Selena clearing him from her social media page. "I was like, 'I wonder if Selena's still following my Instagram.' So I checked, and she was following zero people, and this is me ... [motioning] a single tear."

Of course Austin's joking about Selena making him cry BUT her Instagram sweep did make people wonder if she's going crazy...or is just really pissed off. There's reports she deleted everyone from Instagram because she wants to rid her life of "toxic" people. Austin's toxic? No...

Selena and Austin have dealt with their own dating rumors in the past, but they've made it quite clear they're friends. He's even good pals with her ex, the Biebs, too.

There have been others rumors as to why Selena deleted everyone from Instagram. Read about those here.

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