Did Liam Payne and Sophia Smith Break Up? Liam's Sad Tweets Start the Rumors Rolling

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Liam Payne may be sitting pretty in this pic (how great is this Instagram photo from Peru?), but rumors are floating that he and girlfriend Sophia Smith broke up, making that view maybe just the tiniest bit sadder.

But did Liam and Sophia really break up?

There's plenty of speculation following a recent Liam interview where he mentioned that being on road is lonely, plus some of his Twitter activity sounds a bit on the sad side of things -- but is it all pointing to a split with Sophia or is he just missing his girl?

First, let's check out the evidence. In the interview, Liam said "Being on the road is quite lonely, especially being sat in a hotel room. I hate being by myself." He also said that he plans to have some of his "lads" come to visit him on tour. No mention of Sophia. Well then.

And then last week's Twitter commentary, which included: "Had forgotten how lonely hotel rooms are" and "Drake- doing it wrong. so true" (lyrics include "When a good thing goes bad / Its not the end of the world / Its just the end of a world / That you have with one girl.")

And then his sad selfie, where he pulled his hat over his eyes, looked glum (bare chested too!) and commented: "Can't get you off my mind."

Does any of it mean anything though?
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