Epic Real Estate Fails: From "Not Haunted" to "Unlimited Bedrooms," See the Strangest Selling Points

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You've gotta at least give these people credit for trying, but would you buy any of these houses? These are all pictures/signs that were actually used to advertise houses for sale. 

Good to know

Who uses a paranormal investigator's footage to advertise a house? Maybe this is from the "Not Haunted" house

Hey, at least they're trying

Well played, Richard

You couldn't pay me to sleep in this room

Is the creeper outside the bedroom window included?


Not as good as the free pizza, but saving money is saving money

That's the selling point?

That one in the middle looks great

Great way to show how much space there is in this room, but who goes canoeing in their living room?

Thanks for the specificity

Well, that's unique

Like a pet chicken...?

Wow, teach me everything you know...

Great way to save on a real estate agent


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