Harry Styles Getting Bird Poo Facials for Clearer Skin? Um...Ew.

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Here's a Harry Styles rumor that's for the birds...or full of s**t. Either way, it sounds pretty nuts: Harry is the latest celeb rumored to use bird poo facials as the pathway to clearer skin. Because who hasn't turned to the healing properties of bird feces?

Yeah. Right. This one sounds like a load of bull.

Nightingale droppings are used in the "Geisha facial," with big names like Victoria Beckham and Tom Cruise said to sing the praises of the specialty skin treatment.

According to The Daily Star (via Daily Mail), Harry is using the special facial to help combat the hot lights and makeup that take their toll on his skin. The bird droppings are mixed with rice bran and water and reportedly don't smell any worse than a musty odor. The mask soaks into the pores for an hour with the enzymes breaking down dead skin.

Sounds delightful.

Harry Styles' Disgusting Facials

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