Hot for Reporter: Guy Fleeing Fire Makes His Move on Live TV

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Your place or mine? How about yours because there is a good chance mine might be in the process of being burned to the ground as we speak...

This guy ran outside to check out the fire that was blazing right in his neighborhood and he was in such a rush that he didn't even have time to grab his shirt. Either that, or he was trying to impress this reporter because when she stopped to chat with him about the gigantic fire burning in his hood, he was like 'dude you're super pretty...wanna go out?'

Really buddy? Good (accidental) comedic timing because we're all laughing at you, but seriously, horrible timing. Even the reporter thought it was ridiculous. "We're on the air live right now, on KTLA," she told him, hoping he'd take the hint.

The rest of it was amazingly awkward. Clearly, he felt somewhat threatened by the fire because he brought his dog with him (which is really his only smart move during this situation), but when he finally gave a comment about the fire threatening his home, he said he thought it was "pretty cool."

Clearly, the reporter was unimpressed by his shirtless torso and shameless attempt to pick her up because she totally tried to pretend like it never happened. Except that it did and we get to watch it over and over and over.
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