Proof That Squirrels Do Not Like Selfies

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You know when you're mad at your boyfriend and your aspiring-photographer pal (we all have one) runs up and decides to snap a photo mid argument?

You have that split second where you think to yourself 'I am NOT posing for a photo with HIM' and then you're like 'Wait, my makeup does look really good today...' and you decide to take one for the team.

But, before the pic is even posted to Instagram, that smile is long gone and you are in the process of unleashing the fury that he totally had coming to him.

That's kind of the scenario this squirrel found itself in. This dude wanted to snap a selfie with him and he realized the amazing potential of the rare photo op (because most of us are too smart to get that close to squirrels). So, he let the guy have his moment...and then...well, watch the video and see for yourself.

Best part - his mom snapped the second photo. Um, if that was happening to me and my mom was laughing at me and taking photos, we'd have to have a serious chat...on the way to the hospital for the rabies shot, of course.

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