Proof That Your Dog Doesn't Need You Nearly as Much as You Need Him

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Yeah, we're great when it comes to feeding our dogs, giving them fresh water and taking them for a dreaded vet visit, but as it turns out, that's really pretty much all they need us for.

We know what you're thinking: 'But I play fetch with my dog and I'm his primary source of entertainment.' You may be, and we totally thought we were that for our dogs, too, until we watched this video.

Turns out, if you weren't there, your dog could totally keep himself busy without you. They can even play fetch by themselves. How? Stairs come in quite handy, for one.

But some of the other dogs who didn't have that particular resource available to them still found a way to have fun without their owners.

All they need is a ball, which they usually get from us, so maybe we are needed after all. Plus, if we give you the ball, we can take it away. Sorry dogs. Turns out, you do totally need us - at least that's what we'd like to believe, anyway.

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