The Do's and Dont's of Kentucky Derby Hats

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It's Kentucky Derby time and that can only mean one thing. Crazy hats! Oh yeah, there will be some horses and they'll run and stuff, too, but...hats! While it might look like people just grab anything they can find and throw it on top of their head, there is actually a strict code of conduct when it comes to Kentucky Derby hats. How do we know? Cause we just made one up. Check out the do's and dont's of Derby hats. 

DO: Initials are super hot right now, feel free to slap some on your hat, even if they're not your own

DON'T: Wear your hat so low that you can't see out from under it. Give your brows some breathing room

DO: Wear a gigantic hat. Size totally matters at the Kentucky Derby

DON'T: Wear a cheesehead. Wrong event

DON'T: Be boring. This is the one time you can get away with being as weird as you want. Take advantage of it

DO: Make sure your hat will provide adequate shade, but please do not take it this far...

DO: Put a hat on anything that has to do with the derby

DON'T: Wear this --> Note to the owner of this hat: You can come to our party anytime!

DON'T: Wear the horses on your head. We get it, you're going to a horse race, but the horses and the hats are two very separate entities

DON'T: Make a hat out of anything food-related...

Otherwise this might happen

DO: Get as creative as you can, but keep it classy. Yes, plastic flamingos are typically thought of as lawn decor, but look closer: They're wearing hats, too! We approve


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