When You've Gotta Go, You've Gotta Go: Lady Gaga Gets Peed on by Her Dog

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Lady Gaga got a new dog over the weekend and before she made the official announcement to her 41 million Twitter followers, she shared an adorable snap of the puppy on her Little Monsters backplane.

"Me and my BATPIG #partBAT #partPIG," she captioned the photo of herself riding shotgun in a car with the pup on her lap. Don't worry, a lot of Frenchie owners affectionately call their dogs "Batpig" due to the obvious respective animal resemblances.

Fortunately, it's a cute combo and Gaga's fans quickly fell in love with her new addition. Of course, this dog's life will be very different than what most of our canine companions are used to.

Mother Monster posted this picture of herself with her new best bud as she accompanied her on a private plane to ...somewhere. "Asia on her first flight! She just peed on my Saint-Laurent catsuit. #batpig," she captioned the photo. Whoops!

If Asia is that bummed about flying on a private plane, we can't imagine what she'd do if she had to sit in coach! Given that Gaga is her mom, we don't think that will be something she'll have to worry about.

As the trip went on, the dog got much more comfortable with her situation and while she doesn't seem to appreciate the private concert her owner was giving her, she does seem to have come to terms with the whole flying thing.

In another video Gaga and Asia were grounded and they were playing with some kind of toy...or maybe it was a dog treat...that looked like a taquito. Our favorite part is the fact that Gaga is just like the rest of us and she totally talks baby talk to her dog. You know you do it, too.

Wait, where is Fozzi, though?

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