Why Moms Shouldn't Twerk

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Moms and twerking don't even belong in the same sentence and this is a perfect example of why. Aside from the fact that it would be totally weird to see your mom twerking, this parent just proved why it's a bad idea for reasons that go way beyond the cringe-worthy thought of your mom dry-humping the air.

This mom is gettin' down in a big way and she kind of forgets where she is for a second, until her toddler comes running over to give her a hug and gets a face full of a** instead.

"Our daughter didn't even cry; she just laid on the ground a little surprised. All is well," she wrote, along with an explanation that she was warming up for a mom's dance contest.

Wait, that was just the warm-up?! Oh no...run, kid, you've gotta get out of there before the beat drops.
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