Cronut Creator Introduces Brand New Food Mashup

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When will the world ever learn that the sequel can never live up to the original? Movie and book writers still don't get it and now we're going to have to explain it to this chef, who just proved that the same phenomenon also applies to food.

Dominique Ansel Bakery, which created the Cronut, has just introduced a brand new food mashup's a big, giant disappointment.

The new combo is an ice-cream waffle topped with maple syrup espresso--the Waffogato. Like, what the heck? You can't just go to a dessert buffet, throw things into a cup and expect us to embrace it with open arms. It doesn't work that way.

The Cronut was a very special thing, which quickly secured a place in our hearts for the sheer brilliance of the idea to combine the delicious high-calorie culinary cousins. But, the waffle/ice cream/syrup/espresso situation? No. Just no.

They even included a sexy description to try to win their way into our stomachs, "As the ice cream melts, little tapioca pearls are revealed and float in the melted ice cream," but we can't be sweet-talked into being on board with the clearly inferior heir to the Cronut throne. You should have just quit while you were ahead, guys.

Plus, while you were putting a waffle and all that other stuff into a cup together, someone else was busy creating this waffle/donut mashup. Wonut, FTW.

'Wonut' Is the Hot New Food Craze
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