Don't Beat Yourself Up Over Not Having a Pippa Middleton Butt: She Might Have Had Some Help

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Pippa Middleton's butt definitely stole the show at the Royal wedding. Males and females alike were totally transfixed (guilty as charged) by her picture-perfect backside. But, was it a little too perfect?

According to the Daily Mail, a leading French Royal expert said that the famous sibling might have had a little help in the butt department.

"But of course she had a false bottom," he said. "You take her away from that and she has normal buttocks. It was an optical illusion. She knew there were a billion people watching. It was the moment to show it."

Unfortunately, he didn't elaborate on what exactly a "false bottom" is, but the Daily Mail took the liberty of pulling some pics of potential butt-boosters, which have a little bit of strategically-placed padding. In that case, every single girl on earth has fake boobs.

At the end of the day, who really cares if she had a "false bottom"? She looked good. Real good. And for any girl whose ever been in a wedding or been on stage for any high-profile event, you know that there is nothing wrong with a little bit of tucking (See: Shoving) or padding in certain places.

In fact, if she did have a false bottom, we are furious at OURSELVES for not owning a pair of this magic underwear.

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