Farrah Abraham's Sex Toys Have Their Own Twitter Account and People Are Actually Following It

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Most celebs have their own Twitter accounts. Sometimes, things associated with those celebs get their own accounts, too. For example, a lot of celebs' dogs have their own Twitter accounts (which we may or may not be following).

During the Grammys, a new account was created for Pharrell's hat. That account now has over 28,000 followers and someone is still tweeting away from it. So, you get the idea, when something/someone is popular, a Twitter account is generally not far behind.

That being the case, you can clearly understand our confusion about the fact that Farrah Abraham's upcoming line of sex toys now has it's own Twitter account.

What's more, people are actually following it. Not a lot, but enough to make us wonder what the heck is wrong with those 243 (and counting) people who actually clicked the follow button.

Once we delved deeper into FarrahsSexyToys' follower list, we discovered that some of these people might be fellow industry peeps. If the XXX profile pics on some of them aren't enough, the account has one follower named "D**k Pounds" (very creative) and as you can imagine, their posts are even more NSFW than their Twitter handle.

Farrah always keeps things entertaining, that's for sure. In related news, in an attempt to make sure you know just how sexy she is, Farrah has basically been putting "sexy" on anything associated with her.

Like the Twitter account, for example, and a lot of the events she's been hosting. Unfortunately for the "sexy" star, she kind of blew it on this one. Can you guess why we think she wrote this invite herself? What were the other 22 sexier B-day bashes?

Also, unless you're giving a sneak peek of an actual mountain peak, go ahead and go with the E, not the A. Thanks.

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