Liam Payne's Sad Sophia Smith Breakup Tweets? #CheerUpLiam!

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Liam Payne continued his sad Twitter commentary and got One Direction fans plenty worried. Is everything okay, Liam? His latest sad tweets only further fuel the rumors of a Liam and Sophia Smith breakup.

Following a series of depressed sounding tweets, the hashtag #CheerUpLiam started trending, with fans doing their best to get the 1D hottie to perk up a little. Directioners have your back, Liam.

But first, check out Liam's sadness (sniffle), including: "Can't be without you," "Worse thing I ever did was let you go," and "No all I got left is the thought of you."

Fan support has been literally pouring out, with comments like: "talk to her now if u love her, fight for her, fight for ur love to each other idc what other people would say" and "thank you for making us happy, liam. and now you deserve happiness. i hope youll always be happy and not be sad. we love you!"

Here's hoping the fandom brought a smile to Liam's face.

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