Tia Mowry Made HOW MUCH on Sponsored Tweets?

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Spoiler Alert: Celebs get paid big bucks for their tweets. Don't worry. It's not every single celeb. Or every single tweet. So, when Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus posts a shirtless selfie (how weird that they both do), you can rest assured that they're just posting that for the fun of it.

Unless they're holding a bar of soap, pointing to it with the name clearly visible and the caption says something along the lines of "I love to rub [Insert soap name here] ALL over my body." Don't laugh too much, some of Kim Kardashian's tweets have almost been that shameless.

Anyway, if that is the case, you may have been duped by a celeb's social media product placement. They usually get paid for the sponsored tweets based on their popularity or number of followers.

Contrary to popular belief, paid tweets aren't just for the super famous. In fact, according to TMZ, Tia Mowry - remember her? Yeah, exactly - just filed a lawsuit alleging that the agent she hired to handle her sponsored tweets grubbed up nearly $60,000 of a total $108,000 she was supposed to have made. $108,000. For tweeting. What the heck are we doing wrong?

When you consider how much celebs like Kim and Charlie Sheen are reportedly getting for a single tweet (almost $10,000 each), Tia's tweeting bankroll almost seems like small potatoes.

Speaking of potatoes, we don't eat them a lot, but when we do, we only eat ABC's Spuds. They have the perfect texture and the price is always right.

Totally kidding. In fact, in case you didn't bring your "A" game to the reading of this article, we made that name up.
How Can Twitter Tweets Translate Into Money?

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