Cabbages Are the New Dogs: Find Out Why Teens Are Taking Them for Walks

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This is a joke, isn't it? Why the heck are people walking cabbages?

According to a new report by the UK's Metro, teens in China are walking putting the veggies on a leash and taking them for walks. "The idea is simple, you feel as lonely and as simple as a cabbage, so you begin to act like one and befriend one," a Chinese psychiatrist explained. "And in that acceptance comes change."

"I feel I can transfer my negative thoughts about myself to the cabbage," one teen told the Austrian Times. "Go for a walk with it and come home feeling better about myself."

Hey, we are all about feeling better about yourself and if it works for these peeps, we won't knock it, we just want to understand it.

Like, why not some iceberg lettuce? Or a carrot, which is way more aerodynamic. What about just taking a walk by yourself? Why even drag the poor cabbage into this scenario at all? At the very least, get a Cabbage Patch Kid, it will last a lot longer.

Judging by the photos, it looks like some people are really getting into the cabbage-walking stuff. In this photo, you'll see a more standard cabbage stroll while the people in the photo above have really souped-up (no pun intended) their cabbages.

What do you guys think of this? It definitely doesn't seem like a joke, but would you ever take a cabbage for a walk?

If you do happen to have some cabbage sitting around the house and don't feel like taking it for a stroll, here is another option...
Martha's Stuffed Cabbage Recipe

(h/t Huffington Post)


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