How Do We Book These Kittens For Our Next Event?

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Just when you thought Paris Hilton had finally honed in on a talent and had mastered some useful career skills, these kittens swoop in and show that they can do her job just as well as she does AND they look a heck of a lot cuter while they're doing it.

Paris is currently getting $100,000 per DJ-ing gig and these cats probably aren't making any money, but we'd hire them over her any day.

There is, of course, no shortage of musical cats on the Internet (some real, some Photoshopped). Usually, though, they are flying solo and while it's funny, we get triple the cuteness in this case. We also have to give them major credit for the division of labor and excellent teamwork.

Well done, guys. Too bad the name "DeadMau5" is already taken because that would have been perfect. Get it? Cats...dead mouse. No? Nevermind...

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