Is Katy Perry Ready to Meet Mr. and Mrs. DJ Diplo?

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Katy Perry was single for about five seconds before brand new romance rumors surfaced. There was a quick one about her and a rapper named Riff Raff and that one fizzled out pretty quick.

Poised and ready to take its place was a rumor about Katy dating a DJ, named DJ Diplo (is she not dating guys with real names anymore?) They were reportedly seen "getting cozy" at Coachella and since what happens at Coachella generally tends to stay at Coachella, we didn't think much of it.

Then, they were spotted a couple days later under circumstances that can be taken much more seriously. Katy went to support Diplo (real name: Wes Pentz) at one of his gigs in New York AND they went to a Spider-Man 2 after-party together. "They were very affectionate, very lovey-dovey," a source told People magazine.

Now, as Katy is getting ready to go on tour, it sounds like things have gotten even more serious. Like, maybe even moving toward meet-the-parents kind of serious. In a new interview with RadarOnline, mama Diplo said that she is excited to meet Katy and joked that she's going to give her the standard parental grilling when she does.

"He hasn't discussed it with me, but he did with his dad," she said. "He said 'we're just hanging out. We're just friends right now.'"

Strangely, the mom said she wondered if it was a publicity stunt, which is kind of weird to say about your own kid, but whatever.

"I don't think they'll be wedding bells yet," she concluded. "He doesn't seem to be making a big deal about it."

Well, the rest of the world kind of is because there have been some recent sightings of the pair that suggest that maybe they're a little bit more than friends.

Also, Diplo is super cute and we're all rooting for Katy, so we'd love nothing more than to see her happy.
Katy Perry's New Man
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