Jenelle Evans Files for Divorce

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Congratulations? Jenelle Evans seems super excited, but the reason she's so happy isn't exactly something most people celebrate.

The troubled Teen Mom 2 star is currently pregnant with her boyfriend Nathan Griffith's child and they are all ready to live happily ever after. There is just one teeny tiny little problem. Jenelle was still married to another man, Courtland Rogers, during all of this.

The couple, who married back in 2012 had to officially be separated for one year before they were allowed to file for divorce in North Carolina, where they were married. Finally, that time came and Jenelle was poundin' down the courthouse door, which is kind of ironic considering her legal history.

In true Jenelle fashion, the reality star took to Twitter not only to tell her fans that she had finally filed for divorce, but to let her hubby in on the info as well. Welcome to the world of modern-day divorces.

Most of us just take to social media to slam our exes. Sometimes the posts are cryptic and sometimes they're a little more direct, depending on how badly our social filter is malfunctioning at the moment. This one, though, it something we've never seen before.

First of all, who are the 34 people who retweeted that. Or the 157 who favorited it? He does have a point, though. That would be super awkward. Although Kim Kardashian found herself in a similar situation when she was pregnant with North while still legally married to Kris Humphries.

Perhaps the most disturbing thing about this whole situation is that Jenelle and Nathan barely knew each other when they decided they wanted to start a family together, which is fine if everything else is cool. On this season of Teen Mom 2, though, we saw them have some pretty disturbing fights. Jenelle even got arrested after one of them.

Do you guys think Jenelle and Nathan will last or is history just going to keep repeating itself, which ultimately means we will have to, too.

We're already starting to feel like a broken record:

1) Jenelle meets guy
2) Jenelle gets super serious with guy
3) Jenelle and guy start fighting
4) Jenelle and guy make up
5) Repeat steps 3 and 4
6) Jenelle and guy have explosive, drama-filled breakup

Hopefully, for baby Kaiser's sake, Jenelle and Nathan can make it work, whether that means being a couple or just working together to co-parent.
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