Avril Lavigne's Awkward Meet and Greet Is Internet Gold

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Avril Lavigne's meet and greet is our favorite thing at the moment. Why? Because it's even more awkward than Britney Spears' Las Vegas meet and greet and we didn't actually think that was possible.

Fans in Brazil were pissed when they paid $400 for this "meet and greet," which actually turned out to be more of a "avoid me like the plague, smile and leave." Not exactly what they were hoping for.

So, first of all, congratulations, Avril, for securing the title of most awkward meet and greet ever. Second of all, thank you for the incredible memes it has inspired.

Here are a couple of the actual photos. Really, the first guy's shirt says it all:

Now, here are some of the amazing memes. Thank you, people, for sacrificing your hard-earned money for the Internet to have a field day at your expense, literally.

While all of these are super funny, the award for "most creative" definitely goes to whoever created this one:

Now, for the sake of comparison, here are some other celebs doing meet and greets:

Avril Lavigne's Racist New Video
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