Is Social Media Making Us Anti-Social? This Awesome Video Will Make You Think Twice

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Who knew SOCIAL media was so anti-social?! We all have hundreds of friends on FB and we've got thousands of people following our every move on Twitter and Instagram (because we're just that interesting, right?), so how in the world can we be sitting home alone on a Friday night?

Turns out, as we're sitting at our desks "liking" and sharing and favoriting pictures of everyone else having fun, real life is happening and we're kinda missing out.

Plus, let's face it, nobody's life is really as interesting as they pretend like it is on Facebook, so scrolling through your news feed can actually become a big downer. And do you really even care about 50% of the people on your "friends" list, anyway?

We've all done that move where we see one of our more obscure FB "friends" out in public and literally dive into a bush to avoid the awkward hello. Then, we go home and like the picture they posted of their lunch. It's a strange world, what can we say?

This video encourages people to "look up" and see what's really going on in the world around us. Don't miss the moment for the sake of snagging the perfect Instagram pic. Don't sacrifice precious time with your family and friends to keep dibs on every kissy pic that girl you don't even care about is posting with her boyfriend.

Basically, there is something in this video for everyone. Whether you're the person who buries your head in your phone when you're out in public (guilty as charged) or the person who finds themselves having to look up and say "what?" a little bit too often, it will definitely give you something to think about.
Social Media Image And Self-Esteem

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