This Happened When A Group of Kids Drank Coffee for the First Time

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Let's just say none of these kids will be stealing sips of their parents' cups o' Joe (except for maybe one).

For adults who drink coffee, downing a mug of it can be the perfect pick me up. But for these kids, sipping a cup of coffee is equivalent to downing a plateful of bland veggies for dinner.

"Disgusting," "bad," and "take it away" were just a few of the things the tykes said as they had their first tastes of coffee on camera. And while they didn't say much, the kids' faces said it all as they pulled back their lips from the cups in horror.

For now, they've sworn off coffee, but one little guy pondered the thought of chugging down the drink when he gets older saying, "maybe it will taste good when we're adults."

We have a feeling it will.
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