Guy Does Same Dance for 100 Days in a Row, Makes Epic Supercut

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Matt Bray made a bucket list, which he has named "Project One Life." Some of the things on his list are pretty standard bucket list items: skydiving, learning how to juggle, riding in a NASCAR car, those kinds of things.

Then, there are the more obscure items, such as: throwing shoes into a shoe tree, score a 300 on Wii bowling and this one, where he danced the same dance for 100 days straight.

Of course, he took breaks to eat and sleep and do whatever people do when they're not dancing. The result is a pretty cool couple of minutes.

The guy's Napoleon Dynamite-inspired dance moves definitely aren't as good as his video editing skills, but we weren't really watching it for the dancing, anyway. It's cool to watch him go through 100 outfits and we especially love that a couple of Breaking Bad-themed shirts popped up in some of the wardrobe slots.

Also, it's kind of fun to watch stuff move around on the shelf in the back and to see the various things that appear and disappear around the room, like the clothes hamper and a random ladder.

We will definitely be watching to see which bucket list item Matt decides to tackle next.
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