Pregnant Jenelle Evans Slammed by Fans After Being Photographed at a Bar

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Jenelle Evans has always kind of played by her own rules, much to her mother Barbara's dismay. While it certainly makes for interesting TV, her behavior has also brought out a lot of haters.

Since Jenelle shares EVERYTHING she does on social media, she posted some pics over the weekend, as she always does. The only problem is that she's currently eight months pregnant and she was at a bar, which didn't sit well with more than a few people.

Immediately after posting the picture, the critical comments started rolling in. "WOW 8 months pregnant in a bar, you've changed SO MUCH Jenelle... #ohwait," one person wrote. "This b**ch is a combination of high and drunk without a doubt," another chimed in.

As is often the case, the commenters ended up arguing amongst themselves. After that went on for a little while, Jenelle finally chimed in. "Let the rumors fly today. Yes I went out last night so my man could have a good time and I was everyone's DD. I don't care about drinking," she wrote, adding that she "could give two f**ks less about drinking" and inserted the usual, oddly-timed "lol" at the end.

If Jenelle really wasn't drinking and was, in fact, there as the designated driver, do you think it was still wrong of her to be in a bar when she's eight months pregnant?
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