Britney Spears Wants a Full-Body Makeover?

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Gone are the days where a 19-year-old Britney Spears slithered around the stage with her sexy body in a barely-there getup, asking us to hit her (baby) one more time.

Now 13 years, two marriages and two kids later, the pop star is fighting against age, gravity and a whole bunch of other things that happen to us as we get older.

Unfortunately for BritBrit, she is still a pop star and she's gotta maintain the image she became famous for, namely her super sexy body.

Britney's current Las Vegas gig requires her to wear some getups that are reminiscent of the old Britney, but the older Britney doesn't sound like she's loving the way she looks in them.

According to RadarOnline, the "Work B**ch" singer wants a full-body makeover. "She wants to become a 'fit mama', but there's some healthy skepticism on the part of her personal team that she can actually pull off what she's talking about," a source told the site, adding that she wants to revamp her kids' diet and exercise plans as well.

Apparently, she was not happy about the way she looked on TV during her X Factor gig and she's ready to do a total body overhaul, without the help of plastic surgery.

Come on, girl, you KNOW the camera adds 15 pounds. And if we can look as good as your "bad" when 32 years old after popping out a couple of kids, we'd be pretty proud of ourselves.
Britney Spears Isn't the Queen Of Vegas... Yet!
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