Girl Gets Hit by Car Twice, Walks Away Happy With a Partial Selfie With Justin

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Without a doubt, there have never been more dedicated fans than Justin Bieber's, though fan-girling is nothing new and has been a traditional rite of passage for teens across generations.

It started with crying and screaming at Beatles concerts, then fainting and swooning quickly engulfed '90s boyband-obessesed teens, including yours truly, as 'NSync's Justin's luxurious curls (sorry, Backstreet Boys) won over our hearts – but nothing quite like a Belieber's dedication has been witnessed so far.

Here's why we think Beliebers have mastered the art of fan-girling, as demonstrated by our top picks of this week.
#1 The girl (above) who inspired this article's title:

Sarah takes the gold as top Belieber of the week. Two hits by a big hunk of steel were not enough to keep this girl away from Justin. In the end, it was DEFINITELY worth it because not only did she get the partial selfie she was after, but she also got retweeted by Justin! (Apparently potential vehicular manslaughter is nothing compared to a selfie with Justin). Her single tweet received a whopping 42,000 RTs and it's still going!
#2 This poor soul (above) who was too overwhelmed with happiness that her face forgot to show it at this one epic moment:

Justin posted this photo directly onto twitter, but did not tag the mystery fan. But we PROMISE, this is her happy face.

#3 Last but not least, Cheetah Boy proves you don't have to be a girl of course to fan-girl:

The caption states: "Cheetah boy ran faster than my escalade to take a pic love this guy!!!" At least we know that the love and respect for Justin fuels this Cheetah to dash in front of a car to snap that selfie.

Think you deserved to be featured next? Comment below and share with us your craziest or most epic fan-girl/fan moment with a celeb. The bar has been set high by these three and competition is stiff. Let the sharing begin and "may the odds be ever in your favor."


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