Justin Bieber Drove Down Venice Beach Boardwalk With a New Girl...and His Bodyguard Ran Behind Them

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Just when we thought Justin Bieber was for sure hooking up with Kylie Jenner...we're second guessing EVERYTHING now. The Biebs was caught hanging out on the Venice Beach boardwalk near Los Angeles on Monday afternoon with a hot girl that wasn't Selena Gomez or Kylie.

According to pics on Instagram, the gal JB strolled down the boardwalk with was Yovanna Ventura. She's a young, Latina-looking model who resembles Selena, like a lot. She's also the lady who was in that infamous Bieber selfie with Kylie at the Floyd Mayweather fight last weekend. Maybe SHE'S the one dating Bieber and not Ky? Perhaps Team Bieber and Team Jenner are playing along with it all for publicity? We know how the Kardashian/Jenner crew loves drama...

Kylie was in New York City with her sisters Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner when Justin hung with Yovanna. Why would Justin just randomly go out with a hot, mutual friend if he was dating her? He did call her a "friend" in the pic's caption. Maybe he's trying to confuse us? Ah, it's working.

Justin and Yovanna even went on a bicycle rickshaw ride together. And get this, he made his bodyguard run behind them during the whole thing. Let's hope he offered to get him a ride too and he declined.

Check out the pictures of Justin's fun time in Venice here. It IS a place known for artistic people and freaks...

Shirtless Justin Bieber Gets Cozy With Model Yovanna Ventura

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