Rihanna Flashes Butt Crack at Met Gala After Party

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Butt crack is the new cleavage, apparently. At least according to Rihanna. The singer's chest was completely covered up during the Met Gala after party last night, but the butt was out in a big way.

We love how she even went through the extra effort to accessorize with the delicate gold chain. You know how we sometimes wear a necklace that goes strategically low if we want people to notice how good our boobs happen to look that day?

Now, meet the butt necklace, which isn't really a NECKlace at all, but it sounds a lot better than "waistlace," so we're goin' with it.

It looks like Rihanna and her butt had a pretty awesome night last night. She was palling around on the red carpet with Cara Delevingne, who totally photobombed her in the most amazing way, and she also kicked it with Kendall Jenner, who Instagrammed an artsy pic of them side-by-side.

Unfortunately, Rihanna's Instagram is still down for the count, which is a huge bummer because we can't even imagine what kind of cool snaps she has from the evening.
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