One Direction Guys Jealous of Niall Horan? You Won't Believe Why

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Most of us have that friend that can eat anything they want and never gain a pound -- for One Direction, that would be Niall Horan. Now we know why he loves food so much. It burns right off, so why not eat up?

Harry, Zayn, Liam and Louis all have to keep their diets healthy so they can stay in ship-shape. But Nialler? Aw, that speedy metabolism does wonders. The guys told Bop magazine (via STV) that Niall eats the most-but doesn't gain weight. (Lucky.)

Zayn dished, "Funnily enough, it's Niall who's the skinniest member of our bunch. He just eats and eats and eats and eats, but doesn't actually put any weight on. It is a little bit annoying because the rest of us have to watch out with what we eat, but Niall can just eat anything and be fine."

Niall's philosophy? "There's nothing wrong with eating all the time. Sleep 'til you're hungry, eat 'til you sleep!"

Sounds like a plan to us.

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