You'll Never Believe Why This Woman Was Pulled Over

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Getting pulled over sucks. There are no two ways about it. There are a couple stages of getting pulled over that begin as soon as we see the red and blues in our rearview mirror.

First, there is the "oh s**t!" stage. This is generally characterized by panic, a couple of four-letter words and then the inevitable pulling over process, which somehow feels impossibly difficult.

Second, there is the trying to be nice to the cop stage. You hit them with the "I'm so sorry sir/mam" and whatever else you can to sound like this is the first time you've ever sped in your entire life and just getting pulled over taught you a very valuable lesson. If you really want to commit to it, you can even thank them.

The third stage is when you realize phase two was a total failure and you're still going to get a ticket. This usually involves something along the lines of "how is it that there are 100 other people speeding on the road and you pull ME over - look at that person, look at THAT person!!" Also completely ineffective.

Anyway, for the people in this viral video, their pulling-over process had a fourth stage and it was actually amazing. The cops were pulling them over to give them ice cream on a hot day, encouraging them to take a "serious" break. It was all part of a promotion for Wall's Ice Cream and was definitely a pleasant surprise for the drivers.

The coolest part is that they gave ice cream to everyone in the car and we were totally loving these people until they skipped over the dog that was in someone's backseat. Dogs are people, too, guys!

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