Jennifer Lawrence Talks On Set Sex With "Beautiful" Boyfriend Nicholas Hoult

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Jennifer Lawrence is finally kissing and telling about her relationship with her costar and British boyfriend Nicholas Hoult. In the latest issue of Marie Claire, the Oscar-winning actress coyly hints to having sex on set of the X-Men movies, where she dons blue body latex to play Mystique.

"No comment," she first says when asked if she's ever gotten busy with Nic during downtime. "I will say it's complicated to explain touch-ups when you get back from lunch." (That would be touch-ups to her costume, which takes hours to apply.) So basically, they've done the deed in between takes.

Jen also reveals what she loves about her guy, besides his "beautiful face." "Humor and intelligence are key," she shares. "Looks fade very quickly. I love a unique mind. Somebody who's his own person."

Perhaps their independence is what makes their long-distance relationship work. "It's important to keep your individuality when you're a couple and keep your own life," the 23-year-old explains. "When we're busy, we agree to mutually ignore each other. Not completely, but neither of us gets mad when the other doesn't text back or call. Obviously you know what they're doing, and you trust them."

"We're so young that it would almost be like if we lived in the same city, what would happen? We'd be living together? At least this way he's in the same boat as I am: we can both go out and have our own lives and know that we have each other," Jen says.

We're so glad that these two managed to work it out after a brief breakup, because they seem to have one of the healthiest relationships in, they clearly know how to mix business and pleasure.
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